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Swimming Lessons Policy

Please note different programs have different program fees and returning  customers and other reward program members have full priority. We have the right to deny any person or family/client of customer due to company and programs purposes. All calls and  emails are recorded for quality control and insurance purposes.

Customers who purchase our services through                 Third Party Advertising Sites must contact that company for a refund. NO refunds are given on our side through any third parties.

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Overview  about lessons for adults and  anybody  learn to swim at any time!
Swim Lesson Information

Program Description:

This program is designed for all children and adults of all ages who want to learn how to swim.  Children must be toilet trained before the start of the program. Instructors work on skill development and proper techniques with all children from beginners to advanced.  All strokes will be introduced, worked on and reviewed. Water safety will also be implemented as well. All classes are taught by experienced instructors. All children receive a certificate at the completion of the program . We offer private, semi-private and group lessons. 

Swim Program Information and Polices and Procedures

Please make sure that your child is ready for their lesson and on time. Lessons can run a half hour to an hour depending on what time length that was chosen.   Children will be expected to wear goggles to avoid burning to the eyes due to chlorine. All swim instructors are also lifeguards and will carry a first aid at all times. Below are the rules for all children to follow. Payment will be expected at the end of each class unless special arrangements have been made in advance.  For pricing and additional information, please contact Olympic Aquatics. 

Lesson Rules

  1. Proper swim attire is to be worn at all times in  all pools and hot tubs.
  2. No street clothing of any kind which includes t-shirts, tanktops, etc. is allowed in any pools or hot tubs.(
  3. Only Rashguards, UV and Water Shirts are permitted due to safety reasons.

4. Googles  are to be worn at all times in the water.

5. No running on hard surfaces.
6. No cursing or inappropriate behavior.
7. Children are expected to attempt to listen to instructors as best as they can at all times.
8.  Children are expected to keep their hands to themselves at all times.
9.  Children are to be respectful to all Olympic Aquatics Staff.
10. Water toys are permitted and to be used with care, children who use them in a dangerous way will have them removed immediately.  

Payment for  All Classes

For all lessons, please pay the instructor at the end of each lesson unless and all special arrangements have been made in advance.

Cancellation Policies for All Programs 

For lessons and pool parties if you cancel less then (24) hours without any notice then you will be charged for the full amount.

Pricing Information 

Prices are listed below and are negotiable. All classes are either a half-hour or an hour in length. Times are determined by skill level of the class as well as the ages of the children.  There are also sibling discounts as well.  There is no dedication or commitment and clients and families pay per class.  We set programs this way to accommodate families and clients with other obligations and activities.

Prices- (All Prices Are Negotiable)

$60.00 -Intake/ Evaluation -One time Charge for All Programs.

$40.00- Private Lesson per hour or $25.00 per half hour

$50.00 -Swim Team Development

$50.00-Pre Swim team

$40.00 Adult- Private Lessons Only

$40.00-Group per Hour or $20.00 per half hour

$25.00- Semi-Private

Contact Information

To contact Olympic Aquatics, please call  (845)-630-9737 or you can contact  Kory  Hiller via email at [email protected]