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Pool Party Services


Olympic Aquatics  provides   all type of  services for any type of  residential pool party or special events. The services we provide are lifeguard services but we can offer other services upon request such as entertainment, photographers, etc. Below are the highlights for our lifeguard services and pool party programs. 

Private Pool Parties

Olympic Aquatics  will once again will be offering lifeguard services for  home and private pool parties for the 2014 summer season. All lifeguards are certified and are under the direction of the CEO, Kory Hiller. Lifeguards are always alert and enforcing all pool rules and regulations. Lifeguards are present on the deck and in the water.  Lifeguards also will play games with the children as well upon request. Pool toys and other services are also available upon request.

Lifeguard Services

Olympic Aquatics  provides  lifeguard services for any type of  residential pool party or special event. Each party comes with a minimum of  two lifeguards and  one supervisor. 

 Lifeguard Highlights:

  1. Every lifeguard  is dressed in uniform (ID, Whistle and fanny pack)
  2. Trauma Kit is on site
  3. Rescue Tubes
  4. Water toys and floats available upon request


We offer catering to any clients that request it.  We have menus for every occasion.


We can provide any type  of entertainment services upon request and each party is customized to meet the needs of each client . We have a DJ on staff and is available for all parties and can make a  memories that will last a lifetime.  


We also have a photographer and videoagrapher  available upon request. We work with a variety of different people  who are extremely professional.

Balloon Decorator  ( DIANE'S BALLOON FIESTA)

Cost effective, colorful and Create are the C's of Unique Balloon Decor. No other decorate material can do  anything close to what Diane's Balloon Fiesta  can do.  For more information, visit www.dianesballoonfiesta.com

 Lifeguard Customized Pool Party Packages Information

$200.00 - $1,000 and up LIFEGUARD POOL PACKAGES- Choose from pool packages in the pool party section.   Prices are determined by  pool package chosen, location, length and pool capacity-

Pool Parties include two lifeguards and one could also fit the role as a supervisor as well . (Additional lifeguards are available upon request.)  Restrictions and Limitations Apply. Contact Olympic Aquatics  for Information!  An additional  fee will also be accessed if you request  services after the time that you have agreed upon. Please contact us with any questions at (845)570-1047.

Package A

  1. 2 Hours=$200.00
  2. Extra lifeguards for an additional charge

Package B

  1. 4 Hour= $400.00
  2. Extra lifeguards for an additional charge

Package C

  1. 5 hour pool party=$600.00    
  1. Extra lifeguards for an additional charge

Package D

  1. All Day Pool Party-(6 hours =)$800.00-$1,000 depending on party set-up. 
  2. Extra lifeguards for an additional charge

Hourly Rate

 If you are interested in an hourly rate only, please contact Olympic Aquatics. ( Limitations and Restrictions Apply.)

Additional Charges/ Services

  1. Additional lifeguards
  2. Deep water guards diving board/ water fall Etc.
  3. Children capacity
  4. Entertainment/Catering/Photographer/Etc.

Lifeguard Rules for Pool Parties

  1. Proper swim attire is to be worn at all times in all pools and hot tubs.
  2. No street clothing of any kind which includes t-shirts, tanktops, etc. is allowed in any pools and hot tubs.
  3. No running on hard surfaces.
  4. No eating or drinking in the pool will be allowed.
  5. No cursing or inappropriate behavior will be tolerated..
  6. Water toys are permitted but children who use them in a dangerous way will be asked to have them removed.
  7. Children are to be respectful to all Olympic Aquatics Staff
  8. Water testing for all kids which will be at the discretion of the lifeguard supervisor.

Water Test: Must swim alone across one lap of the pool without any assistance.

9.  Children must us ladders to enter and exit all pools in the deep end.
10. Children are only to jump in the deep end and will be directed by lifeguards and pool staff. ( No Flips)
11.  Children may use diving board if one is available but must follow lifeguards instructions.
12.  No diving in the shallow end.
13.  Children may use diving board if one is available but must follow lifeguards instructions.
14.  No roughhousing or pushing in or around the pool.
15.  No disruptive behavior of any kind.


If you cancel less then (24) hours without any notice then you will be charged for the full amount unless special arrangements has been made and submitted in writing.

Booking Information

 A deposit of $50.00 will be due (1) week prior to the party date to secure your date. After a date  is booked, then the client will be required to fill out paperwork which includes contact information, pool party application, and a contract.  To book a date and to discuss further information please contact Olympic Aquatics.

Contact Information

To contact Olympic Aquatics, please call  (609)808-1027 or you can contact Kory Hiller via email at [email protected]