Olympic Aquatics

"Where Safety Comes First"

Corporate Information

Olympic Aquatics is a division of RHL Sports. RHL sports is  a youth sports company where we offer  all athletic, aquatic programs, community programs ,special events for schools, camps,  after school programs as well as running our own programs on weekends, summers and after-school. For more information, please check out corporate website at www.leaguelineup.com/rhlsports.

Olympic Aquatics Services Overview

Olympic Aquatics s offers services full year programs to residential. We offer programs for backyard pools,  corporate and special events and more

We  provide mainly provide  services  such as life guarding, swin lessons

 swim team development, etc. We provide  everyone with the highest level of customer service and  we will do everything we can to meet customers and clients expectations. With have a variety of services to choose from and please contact us with any questions.  Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

 Lifeguard Training  Program
Each student will learn the skills and tools to become a lifeguard. Each lifeguard will learn how to recognize and respond to an emergency and  prevention of injuries and situations that might arise at a pool. CPR and First-aid are also included in the course. Upon successful  completion,  a letter will be given to all students following a certificate of certification. All classes are taught by American Red Cross Instructors  

Aquatics Swim Instruction and  Swim Team  Development Philosophy

Swim instruction and swim team development  programs focus on fostering the growth and development of young people through the sport of swimming.  We encourage valuable life long skills by modeling and rewarding honesty, integrity, hard work and self-discipline, self-esteem, organizational skills, teamwork and excellent sportsmanship. The Tornadoes. our swim team provide a positive environment in which swimmers of all levels may develop to their fullest potential.

General Instruction/ Learn to Swim

This program is designed for all children and ages who want to learn how to swim. Children must be toilet trained before the start of the program. Instructors work on skill development and proper techniques with all children from beginners to advanced.  All strokes will be introduced, worked on and reviewed. Water safety will also be implemented as well. All classes are taught by experienced instructors. All children receive a certificate at the completion of the program. We offer private, semi-private and group lessons.  Children will receive a certificate at the completion of all classes.

Adult Classes

This program is designed for adults only. In this program we offer water aerobics, water exercise, water arthritis and other special programs for rehab as well fitness and conditioning.

Pre- Swim Team Development- Tornadoes

This program is designed for children who are new to the competitive level. Swim team rules are introduced as well as other skills.  Children will work on improving strokes, turns, and starts. For new swimmers, swim team starts and turns will be introduced.  This program is for a swimmers just starting yet and who does not want to commit to a full swim team development program.  We offer this program for children 5 years old and up.

Swim Team Development- Tornadoes

This program will be designed for swimmers who main interest is swimming competitively .We offer this program for swimmers 6 years old and older.  This program includes swim team instruction, training in a competition atmosphere. We test the swimming skills of these children abilities from time to time in this program as well. Swimmers learn to improve their skills and learn the value of teamwork and sportsmanship. We are committed to developing young swimmers by challenging and motivating them to discover greater potential inside themselves, and to achieve success in swimming and in life.  We focus on each swimmer’s strengths and areas for development in a supportive environment that includes strengthening and conditioning, and progressive endurance and technical skills training including racing starts, strokes and turns.  Our swimmers are empowered to attain their fullest potential in a way never thought possible.


Private Pool Parties

Olympic Aquatics  will once again will be offering lifeguard services for  home and private pool parties for the 2014 summer season. All lifeguards are certified and are under the direction of the CEO, Kory Hiller. Lifeguards are always alert and enforcing all pool rules and regulations. Lifeguards are present on the deck and in the water.  Lifeguards also will play games with the children as well upon request. Pool toys and other services are also available upon request.

Pool Services

Olympic Aquatics also offers services and repairs to all residential clients who  are enrolled with out programs . Below is what we offer.

  •  Opening and Closing of Pools 
  •  Chemical checks
  •  Installation of Liners and more

Contact/ Additional Information

For more information please contact Olympic Aquatics at (845)570-1047  or you can email us at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to assist you.